I Have my Manuscript – Now What?

Now that you’ve got your manuscript written (cause you learned my trick for how to bypass writer’s block)… maybe you’ve given it to a couple friends to read, or maybe you’re still scared to show it to anyone. But you’re wondering: a) Is it any good? and b) How do I now get from manuscript […]

The Best DIY Website Builder

I recently received this question/request from a friend of mine: “As I embark on the journey of creating my own website I see there are way too many web site builders out there now as opposed to the days when the only game in town was GoDaddy. Does anyone have a good recommendation to make […]

Is WP Engine Better Than GoDaddy or HostGator?

WP Engine is marketing to clients concerned with Internet security. Perhaps you’ve already been hacked (like we were!) or you have a friend who’s just gone through this and lost their entire site, and had to start all over again from scratch (also happened!). Because WordPress is open source software (the code is available to […]

How To Find Stuff On Google

As you may already know, you can easily find the answer to any tech question or glitch you might be experiencing by entering your problem or question into Google’s search engine. If you add the word “tutorial” to your search question that can often lead to great instructions. But if you’d like to find a […]

How Do You Become Super Rich?

In Listen To Your Freedom, I talk about money as an energy. As a flow. As a by-product of doing what you love – so much – you would do it for free.       Well, someone on Quora recently asked this question:     Will I become a billionaire if I am determined […]

Entrepreneurship As Life

When your biz is based on your soul’s desire and the things that turn your crank, the line between Work and Play gets blurred and it all just becomes your LIFE. That’s why businesses based in FREEDOM thrive in flow and creativity and are very exciting to be a part of. Here’s a story from […]

How To Handle Nasty Customer Complaints

At some point in your business, you’re going to get nasty emails, or social media comments from a customer or site visitor who is upset with you for some reason. Even when the incident has been caused, or perpetuated by the customer, YOU must take the high road and continue your efforts until the situation […]

Telling Stories Increases Sales

When you think about selling stuff on your website, or making money from your blog, do you ever find yourself saying: I know, I’ll tell stories! That will increase my sales! Well, here’s the thing: David Ogilvy was one of the first big advertising guys to prove that storytelling (a full page worth of small-font […]

How To Use Social Media to Promote your Brand or Business

Different ‘social media experts’ will give you different advice as to which social media will produce the best results for your business. Rather than spending time summarizing the different opinions, I’m just going to present you with what actually works. In a real life tried-and-tested Health business; where I sell books, CDs, DVDs, teleseminars and […]

The Easy Way to Write and Publish a Book

From talking with my friends, colleagues and bookclub members, I know that most people perceive writing a book as a big deal – something very difficult and daunting. How many articles have been written about the writer staring at a blank page? How many visuals of the desk or typewriter (back in the day) surrounded […]

Should I Get A Coaching Diploma Before I Start Listen To Your Freedom?

I came across your website first time when my husband was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2013, when I was searching for more holistic options for healing because I strongly believed if he follows “traditional doctors idea of cure” he’ll never be well again. Yes medication did send his illness into remission until the next […]

DIY Viral Quotes For Social Media!

We’ve all seen how quickly a great quote can go viral. Quotes also cause your reader to connect more deeply with you – because a resonant quote shows that you understand how they feel, or you share a frustration, but also a hope, or provide encouragement, or humor to lighten their day. And again, no […]

Can I Charge Money For Free Information?

As the Internet matures, you’re going to see this more and more: People taking free information, inventions, protocols etc. that have been developed by scientists or groups and packaging them into digital information products. Perhaps there is a way you can apply this technique to your niche and package up your own information product? Here’s […]

How To Never Have Writer’s Block

There are numerous myths that prevail in our culture, here are some of them: Painters: Poor, starving artist Entrepreneurs: Outwork and outlearn your competition Athletes: Go hard or go home, no pain no gain Writers: Beware the dreaded Writer’s Block How many articles have been written about the writer staring at a blank page? How […]

Eat for Success

Have you ever thought of nutrition as something that sets you free, enables you to get out of a rut, and changes a damaging behaviour, or pattern? Or do you think of food simply in terms of what you feel like eating (your tastebuds)? When you realize that what you eat and drink has a […]

Working Hard vs Being Open

People often say that if you don’t have a clearly defined goal, you will never be successful. If you don’t have a detailed road map, you will never arrive at your destination. That all sounds great in theory. And it can work – for certain types of people. But I’m here to stand up for […]

How To Step Into Your True Self

When you’re learning a new task, or a new skill, or how to navigate around in a whole new world – like your first baby, or your first business, or a new country – you can get to a place of overwhelm. Where it just seems TOO difficult. You get discouraged. You start to say […]

Our Favorite Biz Books

I don’t know about you, but I have a couple full shelves of business and marketing books in my office, but of those, there are not many that I would recommend to other people to read. So know that the books you see here are only the GOOD ones! If you want to supplement your […]

Blogging Is Really Just Telling Stories

Do you love posting thoughts, videos, pictures, stories to your blog? Or do you wonder what the big deal is, and you’ll get to it after you’ve done all the important stuff for your biz? Well, rather than me lecturing you, I’m going to share the story of Black Milk with you – a story […]

Beautiful Journals for Under $13

I LOVE journaling. I journal my thoughts when I can’t sleep at night. I journal my business ideas and flesh out implementation plans. I journal the amazing things my kids say. I have different journals for different uses. A friend of mine keeps a Tech Journal – for all the computer software things she learns. […]